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2,000 SMS


Please contact the YouText offices - Contact Us
Someone will be happy to help pick the best tariff for you.

What counts as 1 text message?

1 text message contains 160 characters of text (including symbols & spaces) known as an SMS. Of course your text message can be over 160 characters, messages will be combined.

How many text messages should I buy?

Use our questionnaire on the right of this page to discover what the right package is for you. The more you buy the cheaper it gets!

How do I get started?

Simply choose the best package for you and it will take less than 3 minutes to create your account! Alternatively contact the YouText offices, someone will be happy to help.

Can I send international text messages?

Yes, we do support international SMS marketing, please contact the YouText offices to enable this feature on your account and get a list of supported countries. International text messages are charged as 2 messages.

Can I choose who the text message will come from?

Yes, you can choose who the text message will be received from on the recipients phone by typing a word or your business name in the originator field which we leave open for you. This can be up to 11 characters.

Can I receive replies to my mobile marketing campaigns?

Yes, if you choose the originator to appear from a virtual number you may receive replies.

How much is a virtual number?

Virtual numbers are available for just £9.99 per month, there is no setup fee or long term commitment. It is monthly rolling and you can cancel your virtual number at any time.

What support does YouText offer?

We're always around to help! Our UK office hours are Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm, however the support team are available on email 24/7

Are YouText based in the UK?

Yes, all YouText staff are based in the UK we don't put you through to any call centres other than our own office.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, you may sign up on the 'Sign up' page for your free trial, we even give you some free messages to test the platform out.

I already have my contacts can I import them into the platform?

Yes, it is very easy to import your data. Instructions on how to do so are given when you log in.

I noticed YouText is missing a feature I would like, can it be added?

Our developers are constantly adding new features, we welcome any ideas and try our best to add anything missing.

I already have a system and would like to link YouText rather than use two systems.

We have API's available for you to link in with our gateway.